Monkeys Bernard & Denis, 30cm - Bukowski Design (Denis (Creme))

Bernard and Denis are two cool monkeys from Bukowski Design.
Denis has cream-colored fur, stitched eyes and nose. Fits nicely even for the youngest children.

Size: 30cm.

Can be given to children from 0 years.

17.50 EUR
In stock (6 pcs)   Delivery time: 2-15 days
All products made of Bukowski Design AB are exclusively made of new materials of the highest quality. All products are CE marked according to test method EN 71-1 / 2. The materials are synthetic (such materials generally used for this type of product) to minimize the formation of bacteria and molds when the teddy damp, also facilitates the washing and minimizes allergies. All products are washable in 30 degree hand wash and fire-retardant. All eyes are fixed traits and locked, which means that they are stuck like pop rivets in the coat.
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